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We request the pleasure of your company on the 10th Saraswati Festival & Annual Function of Saraswati Musical Classes to be held on6th,7th & 8th December,2013 at 5.00 P.M.VenueSant Gadge Auditorium,opp. Reserve Bank of India,GomtiNagar,Lucknow(UP)Chief Guest Hon'ble Dr.Justice Satish Chandra(Judge,High Court,Allahabad,Lucknow Bench,Lucknow)


Jobs @ SMC :: Teaching
Welcome to the Jobs section of Saraswati Musical Classes. Before you go further, it is important for you to know a little about our Institute's culture and why we consider our people to be the most important asset and they are the true drivers for our growth and real reason for our success.
In Lucknow, Saraswati Musical Classes operates in a very competitive environment. As an Institution, we have a dual responsibility of not only growing our reach to become undisputed leaders, but also of pioneering the education and training industry as a whole: a most challenging task. We realize that we will only achieve this if we are single-mindedly student focused, ambitious & youthful and creativity driven in our day-to-day approach. That is why, when we look for people, we search for the very same qualities.
We operate in an open culture, where our people are encouraged to share their views and experiences towards delivering higher standards of education, where creativity and performance are rewarded.
If you enjoy delivering exceptional education and are proactive in approach, then it does not matter which department of Saraswati Musical Classes you apply to work in: Teaching, Admin, Accounts & Finance, as each one is equally important. All are inter dependant, and work together as a one strong and cohesive team, unified by a powerful commitment to the success of our mission to give quality to our people.
If you can convince us that you meet our expectations and fit in with our culture, then we welcome your resume on Please post it against the appropriate vacancy, and we will revert to you after initial screening of your resume.
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