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We request the pleasure of your company on the 10th Saraswati Festival & Annual Function of Saraswati Musical Classes to be held on6th,7th & 8th December,2013 at 5.00 P.M.VenueSant Gadge Auditorium,opp. Reserve Bank of India,GomtiNagar,Lucknow(UP)Chief Guest Hon'ble Dr.Justice Satish Chandra(Judge,High Court,Allahabad,Lucknow Bench,Lucknow)


Studio Services :: Audio Services
Our rates are based on time and/or the complexity of the work being done. In some cases, additional fees may apply, for travel time, for example.
Our rates are divided into categories: Recording, Mix-Down and In-Studio Work and Other. Most projects will require more than one kind of work -- record, mix and master, for example. For multi-track record/mix/master-type projects, you can use our online Rate Calculator to estimate your total cost.

Keep in mind that we can work out a flat fee for a project in advance, and we offer volume-discounts for some kinds of work. All rates are negotiable, so please don't hesitate to ask for a quote for your specific needs. It might save you some money.
Typical cost ranges may be:

Voice or instrument and piano audition / archival recording: 2 microphones, handheld digital recorder, up to 2 hours recording, 1 to 5 hours post-recording editing / mastering, one hand labeled Stereo CD
                                                                     Option 1 RS 1000.00 - RS 4000.00

Church / Concert basic archival: 2 microphones, handheld digital recorder, up to 2 hours recording, 2 to 6 hours post-recording editing / mastering, one hand labeled Stereo CD
                                                                     Option 2 RS.2000.00 - RS.6000.00

Church / Concert commercial quality: 2 - 8 microphones, DAW recorder, up to 2 hours recording, 4 to 8 hours post-recording editing / mastering, one hand labeled Stereo CD
                                                                   Option 3 RS.4000.00 - RS.8000.00

Church / Concert commercial release 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo: 5 - 10 microphones, DAW recorder, 2+ hours recording, 4 to 10+ hours post- recording editing / mastering, one hand labeled DTS Surround Sound CD, one hand labeled Stereo CD
                                                                   Option 4 RS.6000.00 - RS.10,000.00

All recording, mixing, editing, mastering and other post-recording production time is charged at Rs 800.00 per hour.

Special projects; dubbing and cleaning old or distorted tapes to CD, cleaning and transcribing LPs to CD, or any other special audio project is charged at Rs 500.00 per hour. The time it takes to play your information in real time into the computer is not charged. The time to prepare and process is.

Travel outside South Hampton Roads is charged at RS 25.00 per mile round trip.

Label and case design can be arranged. While I do have some artistic taste, I am not a graphic artist. If you want an attractive but utilitarian label, I can do that. If you want state-of-the-cover-art, we'll put you in touch with some terrific artists.

CDs can be ordered in any quantity from 1 to 10,000 or more. Prices vary and are all very reasonable. 

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